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Wondering whether you should save or invest?


If you’re setting money aside for your future, you’re already an investor. We want to help you become a better investor. Because how you invest your money today could make a difference to how it grows tomorrow.


Have a look below to see if we can give you a safe option to use your money wisely.


There is nothing more precious in life than time. It is the world’s most valuable commodity. Once you have spent it you will never get it back. Typically, most of us spend their lives exchanging it for money. It can be a vicious circle. You work hard 5 days a week with very little time to do the things you enjoy doing. If you choose not to work, and you are like most of us, you will run out of money within a few months or years. What if we could help you make your money work for you? To give you a passive income that you no longer have to work for? What would you do if you could spend your day everyday doing what you love and enjoy?

Our fixed term investment plans give you a chance to invest into property wisely without the hassle of having to own property, deal with broken down boilers and appliances, and difficult tenants. Our investment packages start from £25,000.00 and can give you return of up to 17.5% per annum. We guarantee you won’t be able to find a low risk investment like ours with such a great return.


A client’s parent sadly passed away recently. The client inherited a 3 bedroom property in Cramond. They re-mortgaged the property and invested 200k with us. To make sure our client doesn’t have to worry about the mortgage they asked us to manage the property through our guaranteed rent scheme. They now receive £35,000.00 return on their investment per annum, as well as a regular income from the property. The length of investment is 5 years after which they will receive their capital back in full. In the 5 years they will have earned £175,000.00 nearly doubling their money.


Investing into property can be a financially rewarding and exciting business. It can produce a consistent income, even once you have retired. Historically, property prices have been on a strong upward trend since the 1970’s despite some volatility during the recession and credit crunch. New research has revealed that houses prices have grown faster in the UK than any other Europeans country. In fact, since 1988 house prices have gone up by a staggering 333%. This represents an average rise of 12.3% per year. Many home owners have benefited from the rising housing market and have seen their property increasing in value over the years. No wonder property investment is now seen by many as the best way to provide long term financial security.

However, if you are not quite sure what and where to buy it can also bring some disappointing results often barely covering mortgage repayments. We provide expert advice and help in finding your investment property.

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